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Get Fit for Ski Season

Ski and Snowboard season isn't here just yet, but it will be in a few weeks! In order to prevent injuries on the ski hill, and to set you up to slide onto the slopes with minimal muscle pain following your first weekend on the hill (aka avoid hobbling around the office for 3 days the next week), doing some ski specific training can help reduce that muscle soreness.

The main muscles used during skiing and snowboarding are not surprisingly your legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, adductors), with a significant component of core strength. So, to get ourselves ready to hit the slopes, we should focus on strength and endurance of these muscles!

Here are 8 exercises you can do at home with little extra equipment required! Remember, always scale your exercise appropriately. If you are new to exercise, begin with fewer reps and sets. A more experienced exerciser may wish to increase reps and sets, while beginning to add weight to the exercises.

1. 666 Squats

For this exercise, start using bodyweight only. Lower for 6 seconds, then pause at the bottom for 6 seconds, then raise for 6 seconds. Repeat 6 times.

2. Lunges

For this exercise, begin by using bodyweight only. With one leg, step forward, so that your knee and ankle is bent to 90 degrees. Ensure you keep your knee in line with or behind your big toe. Push up from the heel, and return to starting position. Repeat with Opposite Leg. Complete 2 sets of 10 reps/leg.

3. Calf Raises

For this exercise, find a stair, and stand on the step on the balls of your feet. Lower your heels toward the ground, then, pushing through the ball of the foot raise your heels away from the ground. Complete 2 sets of 10 reps. Begin with a two foot raise, however if this becomes too easy, you may do 1 leg at a time.

4. Wall Sit

For this exercise, find a wall that is clear of any objects. Place your back flat against the wall, and 'sit' against the wall so your hips and knees are bent to 90 degrees. Start by holding the wall sit for 30 seconds but work up to a hold of 2 minutes. Repeat 2x.

6. Front Plank

For this exercise, assume the plank position, with elbows on the ground directly under the shoulders, and the spine in a neutral position. You should feel your abs and glutes contracting throughout the exercise. Begin with holds of 20 seconds, but work up to holds of 1 minute long. Repeat 2x.

7. Side Plank

For this exercise, place one elbow on the ground with the elbow directly below the shoulder. Feet should be stacked on top of each other, and the body in a straight line. Begin with holds of 20 seconds, but work up to holds of 1 minute long. Perform on each side 2x.

8. Mountain Climbers

For this exercise, assume a plank position from the hands, with the wrist stacked under the shoulders and elbows straight. Then, bring one knee toward your opposite elbow, then return foot to starting position. Repeat on other side. Perform for 30 seconds to start, working up to 1 minute. Repeat 2x.

Prior to starting any exercise program, please consult your healthcare provider. All exercises should be performed so that they are pain free. Always begin an exercise program at an appropriate level for your fitness level. Number of reps and sets above are simply a guideline, but if you are a brand new exerciser, start with less reps and sets.

Dr. Elaine Screaton (DC, BSc) is a NW Calgary Chiropractor currently practicing at Synergea Family Health Centre in Calgary, AB.


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