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Avoiding Ice Related Falls

The past few weeks in Calgary have been glorious, giving us hope that Summer isn't too far away! With the warm weather, much of our snow has begun to melt, leaving parking lots and sidewalks slippery. Here are a few tips to help you prevent falls on ice over the next few weeks.

1. Wear Appropriate Footwear. Don't want to fall on ice? Make sure you are wearing footwear that has a good tread, ideally made of softer rubber to help give you traction on ice. This also means avoiding high heels or other unstable footwear until the ice is gone!

2. Keep your head up! Aka, watch where you are going. Ice can be tricky to spot, so be sure to pay attention so you can spot it! This means avoiding walking and texting.

3. Keep your hands out of your pockets! Walking with your arms out of your pockets adds to your overall balance and support, and also means you can brace yourself more efficiently in the unfortunate event such as a fall.

4. Walk like a penguin! Penguin's have it figured out! They walk with a wide base of support and shuffle along ice. We should do the same to prevent falls!

5. Leave extra time. Rushing on ice is a recipe for disaster. On days where you know you it is likely to be icy out, give yourself some extra minutes to do the penguin shuffle to arrive at your destination safely!

Dr. Elaine Screaton (DC, BSc), is a NW Calgary Chiropractor Chiropractor currently practicing at Synergea Family Health Centre in Calgary, AB.


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