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Rehab for a Pulled Groin

My last blog post featured information on what a pulled groin (strained groin) is. This post was of course inspired by myself and my recent drama with my left hip. Assuming the groin strain is mild-moderate (ie, no complete tear), then these stretches and exercises will help get your groin out of pain, and get you back to activity! Of course, it is always best to check with your healthcare provider to receive a proper diagnosis before beginning an exercise program.

Butterfly Stretch

The Butterfly Stretch is an excellent stretch for the groin and inner thigh. Begin by placing the soles of the feet together while sitting upright. If you need more of a stretch in the groin, look to pull the feet toward you, and look to lower the knees toward the groin. If more stretch is still needed, you can hinge at the hips as well. This stretch should feel like the inner thigh is opening up, but should not cause pain or pressure in the knees. Hold for 30 seconds.

Long Adductor/Hamstring Stretch

This stretch is great for stretching out the longer groin muscles, the ones that attach onto the pubic bone and then near the knee on the femur. You can either do both legs at a time as demonstrated in this video, or one leg at a time by bending on knee towards the groin and leaning to the straight leg side. Hinge forward at the hips to intensity this stretch. This can get intense in a hurry, so be sure to ease into the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds.

Low Lunge Stretch

This is a great way to open up the hip flexors, which are often involved with a groin strain. The key here is to slowly ease your way into hip extension, as the stretch here can get intense quickly. Think of squeezing your glutes gently to ensure the stretch is in the front of the hip. Hold for 30second to 1 minute.

Psoas Lift (Straight Leg Raise)

This exercise is designed to strengthen the Psoas, our main hip flexor muscle. To isolate the Psoas further than this video describes, keep the knee straight but rotate the leg so the toes are pointing outward, then perform the leg lift. 2-3 sets of 10 reps. Before beginning strengthening exercises to the hip most pain in the groin should be gone to avoid re-injury.

Hip Adduction

This Hip Adductor strengthening with a band is a great way to strengthen the groin muscles on the inner thigh. The key here is to keep the knee straight, and to pull the leg across the midline using the groin muscles. Before beginning strengthening exercises to the hip most pain in the groin should be gone to avoid re-injury.

As always, consult with your Chiropractor to determine what stretches and exercises are best suited to resolving your injury. Home care should also be accompanied by passive care from your therapist to ensure quick healing!

Dr. Elaine Screaton (DC, BSc) is a Chiropractor in NW Calgary currently practicing at Synergea Family Health Centre.


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