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Avoiding Pain while Gift Wrapping

With the Holiday Season in full swing, it is likely most of us are contemplating wrapping those gifts we have purchased! And while it is exciting, this can lead to back pain. Here are 6 ways to avoid back pain while gift wrapping:

1. Wrap as you Buy!

By wrapping gifts as you purchase them, this hopefully means less volume at once. It is better for your back to wrap a couple of gifts, than it is to wrap the whole haul at once!

2. Sit at a table, or stand at a counter.

By either sitting at a table or standing at a counter, the gifts you are wrapping are automatically at an appropriate height, minimizing strain on the body and spine.

3. Keep wrapping materials close!

Keep any wrapping materials you may need within arms reach! This means, keeping your wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon, tape, bows etc close! Reaching across the table for this every time you need them is a sure way to put increased strain on the body.

4. Avoid sitting on the floor.

Sitting on the floor automatically means you will be reaching and twisting in order to accomplish anything. It is very difficult to maintain good posture while sitting on the floor, so best to avoid it!

5. Use gift bags!

Gift bags require a lot less effort than traditional wrapping paper, saving you time AND energy in your gift wrapping process!

6. Take breaks and stretch!

Sometimes wrapping as you go is not an option (this one's for all of the last minute shoppers out there!) If all you have is a few hours to get your wrapping done, make sure you take breaks and change positions if possible to keep your body moving. Stretching during these breaks is an excellent idea as well!

Dr Elaine Screaton (DC, BSc) is a Chiropractor currently practicing at Synergea Family Health Centre in Calgary, AB.

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